jeder Stock ist individuell

Dee Lusby schreibt heute in einem Beitrag über Thelytoky daß jeder Stock ein individuelles Wesen ist um man nicht verallgemeinernd darüber reden kann, was heutzutage üblich ist.

Dee Lusby:
And again this means you have to know by observations what
looking at in each hive individually and not across the board doings as
taught today………for each hive is own individual like each human family
with each having own doings for life going on………….though in general
many things do line up if looked for, but still how timed and done is more
by age/size of hive and race/strain where kept and whether superceding
and/or in swarming mode……..for there are variances and even more
complicated with the mongrelization done today …..upsetting the apple cart so to

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